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Tamarack Waldorf School, like most Waldorf schools, is not directed by a principal or headmaster, but rather decision-making is shared by four main groups, and facilitated by the Leadership Group:

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Tamarack Waldorf School is composed of volunteers, current parents, faculty, and friends of the school from the Milwaukee community. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the legal and financial affairs of the school and seeks to make tangible the vision of the school expressed by the whole community. Board members serve three-year terms, and monthly board meetings are open to the community.

President: Ryan Hundt
Secretary: Chris Zamzow
Treasurer: Joel Potter

Faculty and Leadership Group

The faculty is composed of individuals working in the school who have chosen a destiny linked to the growth and development of Tamarack Waldorf School. The faculty includes class teachers, the learning support teacher, the handwork teacher, and the administrator. The faculty is dedicated to the creation and implementation of a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on Rudolf Steiner’s indications as well as their own body of research. The work of the faculty is carried out in cooperation with, and with support from, teaching assistants, teaching specialists, the board, administration and the parents. Full-time faculty members meet weekly, working together and striving to bring unity and cohesion to the educational experience of each child.

The Leadership Group was formed during 2012-13 to help shepherd decision making through the different bodies at Tamarack, in particular when multiple groups are involved in forming a decision. They are also charged with bringing a pedagogical influence to Tamarack administrative issues.

Leadership Group: Jean Kacanek, Faith Danniel, Marcia Duncan, John Price, Nancy Price, Monica Zamzow


The administrator and office staff help form a communication link between major groups of the school and with agencies outside the school. They have day-to-day responsibility for the business, facility management, enrollment, and daily outreach activities of the school. The administrator is not a principal and does not have authority over the faculty. She oversees and coordinates all administrative functions of the school and communicates practical needs of the various school bodies – faculty, board and parents.

Administrator: Jean Kacanek
Enrollment Director: Sarah Stokes
Finance Manager: Cheri Rognsvoog
Front Office Coordinator: Lora Poulos
Fund Development Specialist: Tasha Sorenson
High School Administrator: Lori Barian
High School Enrollment Specialist and Student Services Coordinator: Kelly Ramirez
High School Office Coordinator: Christofer Spencer


Parents help shape the cultural life of the school in very important ways, and participate in decision making through the parent association (Tamarack Parent Association – Community Circle, or TPA-CC) and through participation on school committees.


Tamarack Parent Association – Community Circle (TPA-CC) serves as a vital link between the parent body and the other bodies of the school (i.e. board and faculty.) TPA-CC holds monthly community circles with the intention of acting as both voice and ears for the parent body. It is the group’s goal that parents feel both informed and able to take part in school activities and decisions.

Chair: Michael Roberts
Co-Secretary: Kelsey Cartwright
Co-Secretary: David Melby-Gibbons
Treasurer: Mandy Lewna


Our school committees oversee particular areas of responsibility at the school. Below is a list of current committees and their chairs.

Assessment and Accreditation Committee, Chair: Nancy Price

Enrollment and Public Relations Committee, Chair: Sarah Stokes

Festivals Committee, Chair: Sondra Reyes

Finance Committee, Chair: Joel Potter

Fund Development Committee, Chair: Tasha Sorenson

Site Committee, Chair: Jo Yanish

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