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Tamarack Board of Trustees 2015-2016

Ryan Hundt, President

A licensed architect in the State of Wisconsin, Ryan has been practicing in Milwaukee since moving back from Portland, Oregon, where he was a graduate student in the newly accredited University of Oregon – Portland program focusing on urban growth and urban design. Ryan’s wife, Jodi, is 2nd grade class teacher at Tamarack Waldorf School. They have two children enrolled at Tamarack, Anna and David. Ryan joined the Board of Trustees during the summer of 2010 and has served on the Enrollment Committee since 2008. Since first experiencing the school through his wife’s journey completing the Waldorf Teacher Training and taking on a class of students, Ryan has come to value deeply the spirit and intent of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. Ryan’s appreciation has grown because of the joyful, creative, social beings his children are becoming. Service to the board is his way of giving back to the school and helping it grow.

Christopher Zamzow, Secretary

Chris joined the board as Treasurer and after one term, he continued on as Secretary. He has a BA in Communications & Business Management from Ottawa University and currently works as a Donor Database Analyst in the Development department for Next Door Foundation. His wife this year became the Sunshine Garden teacher, and both children attend Tamarack. Chris’s favorite thing about Waldorf education is the knowledge that children in Waldorf schools are not forced to sit at their desks for 6+ hours a day, being lectured. Instead, they learn through play, art, story telling, and using their imaginations. Chris joined the Tamarack board as a way to give back to the school and assist in making sure Waldorf education will be available to such a diverse enrollment for years to come. In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with family out in nature, especially on walks/hikes, biking, or camping.

Joel Potter, Treasurer

Joel is the Treasurer for Tamarack Waldorf School. He graduated cum laude from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a B.A. in Communication. Joel’s currently works at Bank Mutual as a Bank Office Manager. Joel was looking for a place to volunteer his time and resources as a way to give back and was directed to Tamarack Waldorf School. After researching what a Waldorf education was about, Joel found the school unique and wanted to be involved. He continues learning about Tamarack and the Waldorf methods day by day. Joel is married with two daughters. In his free time, he enjoys reading, sports, and creative writing.

Ann Burfeind, Community Member

Ms. Burfeind is a former Class Teacher at Tamarack, graduating the Class of 2009. She grew up on a farm in Minnesota. She attended Winona State University (Winona, MN), Taruna College for Anthroposophical Adult Education in New Zealand, and received her Masters in Waldorf Education from Antioch University (Antioch, NH). Ms. Burfeind is now a priest in the Christian Community Church, based in the Chicago area. In her free time she enjoys caning chairs, handcrafts, and swimming in clear, cold, water.

Jane Danner-Sustar, Faculty

Ms. Danner-Sustar was raised in Milwaukee and is a parent of six Tamarack Waldorf alumni. She enjoys sewing, cooking, biking and family time. Ms. Sustar has worked as a caregiver and cook at LifeWays Childhood Center for eight years. She has a B.A. in Theater Arts from Marquette University, a Waldorf Teacher Certification  from Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI), LifeWays training certificate, and is currently pursuing Early Childhood certification from GLWI.

Jill Herbst, Grandparent

Biography to come.

Jean Kacanek, Administrator

Jean attended the Interlochen Arts Academy as a high school student before earning a B.A. in Music Education and a M.M. in Woodwind Performance from the University of Michigan. She taught music in Michigan and Kansas before taking positions as director of Project CREATE and music instructor at Carroll College. Jean began her Waldorf administration work at Prairie Hill Waldorf School where she served for four years, becoming administrator at Tamarack in January 2003. She has served on the Board since July of 2003 and is active on the Site, Finance and Board Development Committees, is a member of the faculty Administrative Working Group and chair of the Leadership Group. She enjoys spending family time with her son Keith, a graduate of Tamarack’s Class of 2005, and her husband Hal, a music educator. Jean values Waldorf Education for its richness, breadth and depth both academically and socially. The curriculum, including the arts, is beautifully designed to meet the children where they are developmentally in their emotional and intellectual lives. Without being aware of how much they are learning, they are eminently prepared for high school with a wide variety of capacities.

Sam Kassel, Waldorf Alumna

Biography to come.

Amy Marks, Faculty

Mrs. Marks grew up in Seattle, Washington. She is married with two young children at Tamarack. She enjoys family time in nature or museums, knitting, drawing, painting, writing, reading, hiking, and leading a poetry group.

She has taught at the Olympia and Portland Waldorf schools and at Tamarack for 11 years, graduating two 8th grades. She is currently in her 22nd year of teaching at a Waldorf school. Mrs. Marks has a B.A. at Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA, Waldorf Training with Master Teacher Bill Bryan, and Teacher Education Program at Evergreen State College and Western Washingtonian University.

Tamarack Advisory Board IMG_2949

The Tamarack Waldorf School Advisory Board is organized to support the Board of Trustees. Members are drawn from a pool of active, former board members who continue to offer their services to Tamarack. This year’s Advisory Board members include (left to right, back to front): Mary Anne Revolinski, Mary Reilly, Susie Ralston, Ryan Hundt (current board president), Sally Lewis, Cassandra Zumstein, Tim Hunter, and Kathy Lake. Not pictured are: Ed Krishok, Alden Taylor, Sandra Gines, and John Germanotta. We are so grateful to these dedicated volunteers for their work on behalf of Tamarack!

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