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Our faculty sings out with students at the Festival of Courage.


Katrina Cook

Joy of Learning, Playgroup Leader

Faith Danneil

Rainbow Garden Pre-Kindergarten Teacher /Faculty Chair



‘In today’s climate of competitive academics, even in kindergartens and preschools, we are at ever increasing risk of losing those things that make childhood precious. Waldorf education nurtures and protects childhood, and in this way prepares children to become successful, well-adjusted adults.’

Mrs. Danneil grew up in Northbrook, Illinois. In her free time she enjoys singing, spending time with her family, and caring for her pets. She is currently studying with Christiaan Boele in The School of Uncovering the Voice.

Education: Certificate of Completion, Nurturing the Roots– A Three Year Advanced Therapeutic Course for Waldorf Early Childhood Educators; Waldorf Teacher Certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute; MAEd, Mount Mary College; MLIS, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; BSIR, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Diploma, Interlochen Arts Academy.

Jane Danner-Sustar

Firefly Garden Teacher


“What I find most wondrous about Waldorf education is this little glimpse into the future that I see reflected in the children’s eyes. These children, their parents, this school and this community are all striving to do and be something different in the world – different from what we see all around us.”

Ms. Danner-Sustar was raised in Milwaukee and is a parent of six Tamarack Waldorf alumni. She enjoys sewing, cooking, biking and family time. Ms. Sustar has worked as a caregiver and cook at LifeWays Childhood Center for eight years.

Education: B.A., Theater Arts, Marquette University. Waldorf Teacher Certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. LifeWays training certificate. Pursuing Early Childhood certification, GLWI.

Lisa Desmond

Rainbow Garden Assistant

Martha Flores

Teacher, Flower Garden


‘I love the imaginative and gentle approach to child development in the kindergarten. This approach is what sets the tone for a child’s success at Tamarack.’

Ms. Flores grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In her free time she enjoys sewing, hiking and camping.

Education: West Coast Institute for studies in Anthroposophy (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). B.A. in Elementary Education with support in Early Childhood, Alverno College.

Delmy Geiger

Early Childhood Aftercare Assistant
(see bio below)

Leslie Grider

Firefly Garden Assistant

Christine Hall

Early Childhood Assistant

Melissa Hansen

Flower Garden Assistant

Sophie Keehan

Aftercare Assistant

Mary Lee

Aftercare Assistant

Katelyn Phillips

Before/Aftercare, Grades Assistant, Learning Support

Laura Ray

Rainbow Garden Assistant

Angela Rogers

Early Childhood Assistant

Jennifer Sullivan

Joy of Learning, Playgroup Leader

Attiyya Summerise

Sunshine Garden Assistant

Monica Zamzow

Sunshine Garden Teacher/Chair of Early Childhood Program


‘I feel that Waldorf education is an oasis in our fast-paced, consumer culture. The young child observes, interacts with, and respects the surrounding world and other people; experiences the family-like feeling of the kindergarten; and learns fundamental skills that help foster a life-long love of learning.’

Ms. Zamzow grew up in the Milwaukee area. In her spare time she enjoys singing, knitting, and spending time with her family in the outdoors.

Education: B.S., Sociology, Carroll University (Waukesha). Currently pursuing Waldorf Teacher Certification through Great Lakes Waldorf Institute.

Gwen Zupan

Before & Aftercare Coordinator


Kim Bair

First Grade Teacher

“I was first introduced to Waldorf education as a new parent and biodynamic agriculture advocate; and was immediately drawn to the nature revered curriculum, and the emphasis on teaching the whole child – physical, intellectual and spiritual.”

Ms. Bair was raised in Indiana, and now lives in a historic cobblestone house in Eagle with her husband, Rick, two children, Rosa and Henry, dog, cat, guinea pig, and flock of chickens. She enjoys growing vegetables and flowers, cooking delicious meals, reading inspirational novels, and laughing every day. She has over 10 years of experience as a Waldorf teacher, and has developed a strong teaching foundation by consistently being a loving authority and holding the classroom form with joy.

Education: M.A. Education with a Waldorf Emphasis, Mount Mary University. Waldorf Teacher Certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana).

Chet Garrett

Second Grade Teacher


‘Each child carries with them a hope that is nurtured in Waldorf education. This childhood hope shapes the development of that child, as well as the community of children in the classroom and the school, continuing ever outward to carry this hope into the world. It is this hope that impels the child to discover what it means to be human in their individuality and to be a part of a community. This hope deepens their development in the academics and arts, because it brings with it a true love for learning about themselves and the world. I am honored to assist children in the nurturance of this hope, to help them thrive as human beings, and to guide them as they learn about themselves and the world in which they live.’

While growing up in New Orleans, Mr. Garrett developed an appreciation for theater, the arts, and his fellow human beings. This appreciation has fostered a deep sense of compassion and learning that he is delighted to cultivate in others, especially in children and their families. Alongside spending time with his daughter, family, and friends, Mr. Garrett enjoys nature, learning and philosophy, reading, and music.

Education: B.A., Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; pursuing M.A., Education, Mount Mary University; pursuing Waldorf Teacher Certificate, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute.

Danielle Williams-Szydel

Third Grade Teacher


‘To me, Waldorf education at its core is simply the expression of unconditional love. When we love the children and one another unconditionally through the many challenges of our earthly experience—that is where space for learning takes place. The teaching and learning process is reciprocal. We teach the children and the children teach us.’

Mrs. Szydel grew up in Waukegan, IL, and attended the Vrije School Groningen — a Waldorf school in the Netherlands — during her final year of high school. She loves traveling, and throughout her studies she has lived in the Netherlands, New York City, Paris, Estonia, and Chicago. Mrs. Szydel worked as an assistant at Tamarack for four years, prior to becoming a Class Teacher. She also co-taught 8th grade at Prairie Hill Waldorf School and completed her master’s practicum working at Rudolf Steiner School in New York City. Outside of Tamarack, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two cats, singing, crafting, teaching herself to play the drums, dancing to 60s northern soul music, rock climbing, and having a good laugh.

Education: M.A. Education, Mount Mary University; Waldorf Teacher Certificate, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute; B.A. French, New York University; Master’s work in World Language Education at DePaul University (Chicago, IL)

Sondra Reyes

Fourth Grade Teacher


‘Waldorf education looks at each child as a whole human being, not just a mind waiting to be filled with information. It appreciates that we are all uniquely different and strives to teach toward these differences, in effect serving each child holistically. Waldorf Education makes so much sense to me, and it is truly a joy and an honor to stand before the children each day to witness and be a part of their joy and growth.’

Mrs. Reyes grew up in Watertown, WI, and now resides in Milwaukee. Mrs. Reyes enjoys hiking with her dog, Henrietta, camping, crafts, knitting and sewing.

Education: B.A. from Marquette University, College of Communications; Waldorf Teaching Certification from Great Lakes Teacher Training Institute.

Amy Lynn Marks

Fifth Grade Teacher


‘I look at each child as an individual with gifts to offer and share. In Waldorf education, students are respected as unique people with their own destiny and biography. I feel passionately about teaching through the arts and observing the growth, development, and evolution of the human being, as my students travel through the grades.’

Mrs. Marks grew up in Seattle, Washington. She is married with two children at Tamarack. She enjoys family time in nature visiting museums, knitting, drawing, painting, writing, reading, and hiking.

She has taught at the Olympia and Portland Waldorf schools and at Tamarack for 17 years, and has graduated two 8th grades. She is currently in her 26th year of teaching at a Waldorf school.

Education: B.A. at the Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA); Teacher Education Program, the Evergreen State College & Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA), Waldorf Training with Master Teacher Bill Bryant, and Waldorf Certification from Great Lakes Teacher Training.

Jodi Hundt

Sixth Grade Teacher/Grades Chair


‘I was drawn to Waldorf education because of its deep consideration of the whole child, and also, because of the way in which the natural world is integrated, treasured and revered. I am constantly amazed of the way this education masterfully meets the students. I enjoy how the students and I are all inspired to continue to learn and grow every day.’

Mrs. Hundt grew up in Rudolph, Wisconsin. She enjoys sports, camping and hiking, rock climbing, and travel. She completed a grades Class of 2012 and is in her second 8-year cycle of teaching. Parent of two Tamarack students!

Education: B.S. Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Waldorf Teacher Training certification, Great Lakes Teacher Training; pursuing Masters in Education at Mount Mary College (Milwaukee).

Rosemarie McCormick

Seventh Grade Teacher


‘What makes a Waldorf education uniquely different for me is how the curriculum is geared toward a child’s development and how it embraces the wonder of childhood. It allows children to be children and fosters within them a life-long love of learning.’

Mrs. McCormick was born in Manchester, N.H., and raised on the east side of Milwaukee. This is her second cycle teaching students at Tamarack, having graduated the Class of 2011. In her free time she enjoys art, knitting, travel, organic gardening, writing, dance and yoga, and is an avid dog lover.

Education: Masters degree in Elementary Education with a Waldorf Education emphasis, Mount Mary College (Milwaukee); Waldorf teacher training certification from the Great Lakes Teacher Training; B.A. in Elementary Education, Carthage College (Kenosha); previously a teacher in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Schools and a Waldorf school Handwork Teacher. She has experience working with elderly populations as well. Mrs. McCormick is the parent of two grown children who were educated at a Waldorf school.

James Boland

Eighth Grade & High School Electives Teacher


‘I truly believe that Waldorf education and the communities that surround Waldorf schools are special. They are full of loving, hardworking people who work towards a world transformed. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of Tamarack, for there are many wonderful people who turn those noble ideas into reality.’

Mr. Boland is a Wisconsin native who is active in the Milwaukee theater community. He enjoys long form improv comedy, writing, gardening and cooking.

Education: B.A. Critical Theory in English Literature and Theater, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Certified Yoga for Kids Teacher. Mr. Boland has his Waldorf Teacher Certification through Great Lakes Teacher Training.


Robert Bersch

Physical Education Teacher

Olivia Dobbs

Winds Assistant, Grades 6-8

Delmy Geiger

Spanish Teacher, Grades 1-8

‘I was drawn to Waldorf education because of the diversity of the curriculum and by how much students are encouraged to use their imagination.’

Ms. Geiger grew up in Honduras and Guatemala. In her free time she likes to be with her children, read and shop. She also enjoys exercising, traveling and teaching.

Education : B.A. Education, Guatemala City.

Kelly Hofman

Winds Teacher, Grades 6-8

Ceal Hunter

Learning Support Specialist


‘Waldorf Education is inherently therapeutic and healing. It is a balm for a busy world. Teachers have the opportunity to work together to see students as they are and provide what they need to grow to be all they can be.’

Mrs. Hunter has worked in Tamarack’s Learning Support Program since 1999. She coordinates the school-wide Learning Support program and is excited that the program is expanding to creatively address the needs of all learners.

Education: BSW and MSW, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Master of Arts in Special Education, Alverno College. Certificate in Waldorf Educational Support, Association for Healing Education/Sunbridge Institute. Ongoing trainings and conferences.

Sophia Pellegrino

Violin Assistant, Grades 4-8

Kristian Ring

Cello Teacher, Grades 6-8

Karina Rochette

First Grade Assistant

Angela Scaffidi

Music Coordinator, Winds, Chorus

Rebecca Strzelecki

Handwork Assistant

Laura Thompson

Violin Teacher, Grades 4-8


Nancy Kresin-Price

Humanities Teacher/Pedagogical Director


‘When we can reach out with compassion to each student in our care, new learning and knowledge creation are the result. When a teacher begins to see the highest in the students instead of focusing on the problems and deficits, then something new, something living, arises in the classroom. I appreciate the opportunity that Waldorf Education gives me to work with children in a free and unhindered dance of creativity and joy!’

Mrs. Price, the mother of five children, grew up in rural Kansas and worked as a professional actress and director in Chicago for 10 years. She is passionately engaged in a study of student/teacher relationships and their impact on learning. She recently finished her doctorate degree and is the Director of Teacher Development and a core faculty member for Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. Mrs. Price is in her second 8-year cycle of teaching at Tamarack after graduating the class of 2007.

Education: Doctorate in Transformative Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco); MA, Barfield School of Sunbridge College (Spring Valley, New York); Waldorf Teaching Certificate, WTDA (Ann Arbor, Michigan); Master’s work in directing and B.F.A. Acting, Goodman School of Drama, DePaul University (Chicago).

Kate Knuth

High School Pedagogical Planner

Teacher: Humanities Teacher


“The first Waldorf classroom I ever witnessed was brimming with warmth, beauty and human kindness. It was this that ‘got me.’ When I witnessed first graders demonstrating such love for one another, fifth graders so capable giving oral reports, seventh graders bravely reading meaningfully-crafted poems – all in front of twenty visiting strangers – I knew that something special was happening. When I looked under the hood a bit and realized that Waldorf Education strives to allow the awakening and emboldening in every human being of his or her purpose and direction in life, I was convinced that this was unlike anything I had ever known.”

Born and raised in Waukesha, Kate began her Waldorf teacher education at the Chicago Waldorf High School. Setting out on a seven year journey to Europe, she studied creative speech, continued her Waldorf teacher education, and taught English in Waldorf schools in Aesch, Switzerland and Berlin and Potsdam, Germany. At the end of that journey, Kate moved to the east coast with her young family, where she served as class teacher and librarian at Hawthorne Valley School, development assistant for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and Administrator at Pine Hill Waldorf School. In 2012, Kate and her three boys returned home to Wisconsin, where the children enrolled at Tamarack and Kate soon became involved in the initiative to open Tamarack’s high school grades.

Kate’s interests include reading, writing, documentaries, hiking, biking and traveling with her three beautifully curious and energetic boys.

Education: BFA, California Institute of the Arts; Waldorf teacher education: Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Teacher Education Program, Rudolf Steiner Institute, Rudolf Steiner College, Seminare für Waldorfpädagogik Berlin and Mannheim (Germany); School for Speech and Drama at the Goetheanum.

Michele Peterson

Mathematics Teacher/High School Administrator


Mathematics Teacher, Instrumental Music Ensemble


Mr. Price grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He is an accomplished string bassist, performing and recording in the area. Mr. Price has recently published two novels; Captain of the Yankees and The View from Cream City Bridges. A third novel, This Family Robinson, will be forthcoming this school year.

Education: B.A. Ed. (Creative Pedagogical Studies) U Mass Amherst UWW; Also attended Berklee College of Music 1979-81 majoring in Instrumental Performance (String Bass). Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate, WTDA (Ann Arbor, Michigan). As one of the founding teachers of Tamarack in 1996, Mr. Price was the lead teacher of three Tamarack classes, graduating 8th graders in 2001, 2002, 2009 and 2017.

Maggie Herbst Synowicz

High School Arts Teacher


Kristi Allen

Experiential Learning Assistant

Katie Boland

Domestic Arts Teacher/Grade 9 Experiential Learning Teacher

JaCarrie Carr

Experiential Learning Teacher

Chet Celenza


Marcia Duncan

Applied Arts Teacher, Grades 1-12


‘Seeing the deep feelings of confidence and interest in the world that the applied arts curriculum develops in children is the best part of my work.’

Travelling to Ethiopia for this past summer’s vacation was a once in a lifetime experience for me. A living, ancient culture in an epic landscape was dizzying to see.

Education: Graduate of the Applied Arts Program, Sunbridge College (NY); B.A. History, Charter Oak College (Hartford, CT).

George Jones

Drumming Teacher

Beret Isaacson

High School Electives

Nathan Kinnaman

Guitar Teacher, High School Electives

Adam Krause

Woodworking Teacher

Caitlyn Lewis

Mathematics Teacher/Grade 10 Experiential Learning

Ronald Mejia

Spanish, Humanities Teacher

Mary Millikin

Morning Lessons, Electives, Grade 11 Experiential Learning, Catapult

Martha Nelson

Learning Support

Patricia Patterson

Physical Education Teacher

John Pfeifer

High School Assistant/Arts Program

Sarah Schelble

Handwork and Woodwork Teacher


‘Coming back to Tamarack as an alum, and now a member of the staff, I’ve enjoyed remembering my time here as a student, but also seeing how much it has changed. I’m excited to be a part Tamarack once again and work in such an enriching and holistic environment’

Sarah enjoys spending time cooking all sorts of different dishes, knitting and crocheting, and doing many other different handworking projects.

Education: B.S. in Family Social Science, minor in Art, graduate of the Applied Arts Program, from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2012. Graduated from Tamarack in 2005 (Amy Marks’ first class).

Jacquelyn Swick

French Teacher

Elizabeth Vogt

College Writing Teacher

Kristin Urban

HS Seed to Table Assistant

Gwen Zupan

Music Elective, HS Assistant


Sondra Reyes
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2014

Amy Marks
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2013

Jodi Hundt
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2012

Rosie McCormick
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2011

Julie Drigot
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2010

John Price
Teacher, Graduated the Classes of 2009, 2002, 2001

Ann Burfeind
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2008

Nancy Price
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2007, Class of 2015

Michele Peterson
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2006, 2016

Amy Marks
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2005, 2013

Karen Green
Teacher, Graduated the Class of 2004, 2003

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