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Reaching for 100% Success

Tamarack Waldorf School would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the school community for your generous support of our Annual Fund and participating in 100% Day. It is important that Tamarack demonstrate to potential donors and foundations that we have strong community support. Therefore, we strive to reach 100% participation in our Annual Fund from our Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff, and Families so we can tell donors and foundations, “We support Tamarack 100%!”

100% Day was a great success thanks to our supportive community, you! With your help, we raised nearly $6,000. All of the funds raised from the event, along with funds raised through the end of the school year, will support Tamarack’s science, mathematics, engineering and art curriculum. That means your gift will directly support our students!

We tallied family participation, reaching just under 50%. We have another 50% to go to reach 100%. If you have not yet given, we invite you to get counted and make an impact at Tamarack with a gift today. Remember, no gift is too small! To become a part of 100% and make your tax-deductible Annual Fund gift today:

  1. Make a gift online by clicking the  Donate Now button on Tamarack’s home page.
  1. Drop off a check or cash to the Administrative office during school hours. Make sure your name is listed with the donation so your family gets counted!

A big thank you to you all for your support of Tamarack. We are grateful to your commitment to the school and could not be a success without you.

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