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Small Shops United, The Perfect Holiday Gift

8825b59585589-56339868b3675Most of us know by now that money spent with independent businesses recycles in the local economy at a much higher rate than money spent with national chains or online retailers. We also know that local business owners hire more employees, source more local products and services, and donate to more local charities than national chains or internet retailers.
But, shopping local means more than that. It’s about people in a community supporting one another. It’s about caring for your neighbors and taking pride in your home. It’s about people as much as it is about product, and that’s something that can never be replaced. These are all things we can be thankful for every day, but particularly at this time of year.
Because we believe in supporting our local businesses, Tamarack has partnered with Small Shops United. Similar to the Entertainment Book or City Tins, but Small Shops United only supports and promotes local businesses. There are also no coupons to carry around to redeem offers. Instead, the user receives a plastic card and a unique Access Code. Once the code is redeemed at our website, the user can redeem the offers in-store using just the card or even their phone number.
Small Shops United has offered to donate $12 of every Perk Package sold through our campaign to Tamarack Waldorf School for student programming. Please take a look at what’s inside the package, and consider making a purchase today.
To purchase your Small Shops United membership, visit us online at: smallshopsunited.com/fundraiser/11/1x 
Small Shops United makes a wonderful Holiday gift! 
Check out some of the perks Small Shops United has to offer:
  • Anodyne Coffee, 2-for-1 drinks
  • Bounce Milwaukee, $9 off adult tickets
  • Classic Slice, $5 off a purchase of $15+
  • Cafe Lulu, $10 off a purchase of $30+
  • Invivo Wellness, 25% off any 60 or 90 min massage
  • And so much more!
View all perks at smallshopsunited.com/perks

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